"How Petals blossomed in Brooklyn"

by Alvaro Uribe, 2011

I’m originally from Bogota, Colombia. After High School I decided to pursue a career in industrial design in New York and I gained a place at the Pratt Institute.

I found every stage of the NextGen project exhilarating, especially the visit to Germany. On the factory tour I saw a droplet of glass being skillfully transformed into a beautiful object … that’s when the scale of the creative opportunity hit me. My inspiration came from studying consumers, who I believe are mostly women. Maybe I have a romantic streak because I pictured a wedding scene with rose petals falling and scattering over a bed! From then, the process was very loose … I wanted to abstract the element of the rose into multiple facets. After many prototypes, the design took on a life of its own, with the pattern of my crystal vase resembling petals falling to form visual poetry.