"How I found inspiration in soft, free-flowing architecture."

by Valerie Totubalina, 2017

My collection was inspired by the groundbreaking work of architects such as Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava. The idea was to transform architectural landscape into table landscape. Just as buildings attract attention and shape landscape in cities, beautiful centrepieces made out of crystal can form compositions on a table.

I experimented with different shapes and textures and examined how architectural objects can be graceful and elegant, soft and adaptive - yet changing and unpredictable. They could appear to dance and demonstrate the unusual ‘turns’ of a female character.

From sketches I moved onto 3D modelling to investigate various shapes and textures and to see how my collection could form a movable tabletop ‘landscape’. The result was a pair of unconventional crystal vases that capture the light to create stunning refractions.