"How my punk attitude smashed the image of crystal"

by Anke Buchmann 2017

In an art college environment that encourages edginess and unconventional creativity, my urge - in tune with the Punk movement - was to rebel and break out of the ordinary. I began by sketching some of the surfaces and textures of Punk, such as studs, spikes and grids.

Moving on from these literal translations of key Punk visuals, I progressed to a broader interpretation of the movement, letting the attitude shape the form. I carefully researched Nachtmanns approach to texture and patterns so I could merge this with the Punk style.

Designing a set of barware featuring areas that break out from the normal shape of the vessel, I broke out of the ordinary. Celebrating Punks 40th anniversary, I also marked the juxtaposition of Punk and luxury, a trend thats currently making waves in fashion.