"How tradition and industry inspired functional modern design."

by Oliver Bryant, 2019

Jet turbines spoke to me because of the inherent tension between their precise, intricate appearance, and their potential for power and force. I wanted to embody a feeling of robust strength that was at the same time delicate and refined to the touch. I tried to visualise the feeling of air streaming through a jet in a single static moment. Capturing the feeling of intense power while retaining a sense of refinement and delicateness in the fine lines and ridges of the range. When in flight, a jet gathers and distorts the air, and this is mirrored by the way the curves of the pattern gather and refract light.

// Oliver named the series after his grandmother, who was born in Austria.

This trip was the first time I was able to visit some of the places they grew up, giving me a new sense of connection and understanding with them.