"How I took a Slice from the Big Apple"

by Viktoriya Braginsky, 2008

As a design student in Manhattan I was excited to get the chance to visit the Nachtmann factory in Germany.

To be honest, I used to think of glass as a cold and fragile material, but that all changed when I saw the Nachtmann craftsmen at work. I was hugely impressed by the skill and dedication of the glassmakers, and I found the processes of sculpting and shaping glass fascinating. I came back to college determined to make the most of my opportunity. I experimented with different shapes and designs, but the one that worked best was a contemporary spiral design in a thick, clear non-lead crystal format. The people at Nachtmann must have liked it too, because I won the NextGen competition! I must admit that I was thrilled to see the finished vase, bowl, votive and champagne cooler in sparkling clear crystal. Glass is not cold … it’s brilliant!